Fuel Bowser / Tankers

LAUGFS Engineering pride itself on manufacturing Diesel and Petrol Bowsers/ Tankers which are of the highest quality. Petrol and diesel being high risk transport substances, careful planning and hours of consideration go into every fuel bowser that is manufactured. We have developed our expertise in the domain for offering fuel bowsers as per the specific requirements of our clients. Our design of bowsers includes 4 compartments to ensure that all safety parameters are met.

In addition, we attend to all maintenance and repair services required

  • Replacing manhole packing
  • Crack welding
  • Fixing breather valves
  • Fixing/Repair tongue level
  • Fixing mini dispenser pumps
  • Repairing and replacing inner and outer valves

Sand Blasting and Painting

Sand blasting is a surface preparation method that involves the forceful projection of a stream of abrasive particles on a component, mechanically or with the help of compressed air, to remove its surface contaminations: scale, rust, paint, corrosion etc. in order to provide a clean surface. The first step in the finishing process ensures better bonding between surface and paint, for a better finish.

At LAUGFS Engineering we use sand blasting, aimed at the surface of a material with one of many types of shots for a better and clean finish.

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