Civil Engineering

We have used our expertise in steel engineering to branch out successfully in to civil engineering constructions projects. Our wide range of support services and experienced team of multi discipline experts have allowed us to make the transition and adaptation with ease and we have undertaken several large scale projects

Structural Steel Buildings

LAUGFS Engineering can fabricate and erect any steel building project efficiently and to the most exacting specifications from the largest steel tonnages to finest ornamental details.

Advantages of steel structured buildings

There are numerous advantages to structural steel framing when compared to the use of other materials such as concrete or timber

Why should we go for steel buildings ?
  • High Strength
  • Low weight
  • Elegant finish
  • Maximum span can be obtained without middle support
  • Quick assembly
  • Modifications and renovations can be done very easily
Some common building designs we use
  • Single slope
  • Double slope
  • Curve type
  • Double slope with ventilation
  • Multi span
  • Roofing ventilation systems

Fuel Stations

Designing and construction of fuel stations in one of the many areas we have branched out to with success and ease given our expertise in all things fuel station related. Our fuel stations are practical, multifunctional, and are ready to satisfy the needs of the most exacting customer.

We also provide engineer - constructor works on partial or complete reconstruction and automation of fuel stations, including

  • Fabrication of underground fuel storage tanks
  • Installation of underground fuel storage tanks
  • Supplying and installation of fuel lines
  • Installation of fuel dispensing pumps including civil works
  • Fabrication and Erection of steel structural canopies with all civil and electrical works

Our services have been obtained, not only by our sister companies but also by other giant players in the field

  • Ceylon Petroleum Corporation
  • LAUGFS Petroleum
  • Lanka Indian Oil Company PLC (IOC)
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